We serve great coffee and great food, by local friendly staff…

Our food

Coffee Culture – our place – your place, great style in a local independent friendly shop.

Each day we bake our fresh pastries and hand make our paninis, bagels and toasties. We don’t buy in prepared food like other coffee shops. We want to keep everything as fresh as possible and offer the highest quality. We also want to keep our product changing so you’ll never get bored with what we have to offer which is why we’re always changing our range.

Our coffee

We’ve been using our precision roasted crema coffee for over 10 years. No gimmicks, no tricks, just a perfectly balanced elegant coffee with everything in the right place. Oh and it’s Fairtrade certified.

Our place

Our style is unique. Our style is independent. We’re not a chain so we therefore offer a place which is cool, chilled out and has a nice buzz. Lots of space outside to relax and an interior like no one else. (Big thanks to Stamp Design for a new refurbishment). We also offer free wifi and have the papers delivered daily.